How To Remove Dates From WordPress Posts (Without a Plugin)

Usually, one of the two straightforward methodologies is employed to remove dates from WordPress Posts without a plugin. Follow along to learn how.

Methodology 1 for Removing Dates From WordPress Posts: Modify Date Format Within the General Settings

As easy as it sounds, implementing this technique is a matter of a few clicks. To successfully achieve results with it, follow the steps along.

Step 1: Navigate to the General WordPress Settings

Hover or click on the main “Settings” menu from your WordPress Dashboard, and then go to the General sub-menu.

navigating to general settings in wordpress
As shown, go to the General settings in WP.

Step 2: Scroll Down to the Date Format Section

After you’re inside the general settings, head over to the section with the name “Date Format.” In most cases, this heading would be labeled on the left side, and its corresponding options on the right side, adjacent to it.

date format settings in wordpress
Look for the “Date Format” Section as demonstrated.

Step 3: Make Final Date Adjustments With a Custom Date Format

The Date Format supplements with five date styles, with “custom” being the last one in the list.

Select the custom appearance, and subsequently empty the text field/delete everything. Then, as your last and final step, scroll down and hit the “Save Changes” button for your changes to take effect.

selecting an empty custom date format in WordPress
Choose the custom format and empty its text field. Next, proceed to the bottom of the general settings page and hit the “Save Changes” button.

Methodology 2 for Removing Dates From WordPress Posts: Hide It via “Additional CSS” Feature

Most WordPress sites now have an ‘Additional CSS’ feature that allows users to make quick and easy CSS tweaks to their site without having to tinker with the actual code or the CSS files.

The benefit is that the core code remains intact and therefore is not vulnerable to accidental unwanted changes. Moreover, if something doesn’t feel right, all the user has to do is delete or revert the updates made via Additional CSS, which is very easy.

In any case, to hide dates from WordPress Posts with Additional CSS, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Head Over to Additional CSS

From the WP Dashboard, this functionality can be accessed by Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

Step 2: Find the CSS Class Name of the WordPress Post Dates

To do so, make your way to any of your existing WP posts. Next, right-click on the date and inspect it to decipher what class name it’s using. See an example screenshot below.

discovering the wordpress post date css class name
Find the CSS class that is associated with your WordPress Post Dates.

Step 3: Use the Date Class Name Inside the Additional CSS To Conceal the Dates

Generally speaking, when you want to work with classes in CSS, they’re often preceded by a period.

So, for instance, say I want to call a class name called “abc,” then in CSS, I would type it as .abc

The syntax to hide a class name from the front-end, as far as WP and using Additional CSS goes, is

.class name {display: none;}

Where class name should be replaced by what you need to use. For all intents and purposes of this post, it would be the class name for WP post dates.

Watch the 15 second short and to-the-point video that follows. It clearly shows how to remove dates from WordPress posts using 'Additional CSS.'

15 Second Short and Straight-to-the-Point Video That Demonstrates Removal of Dates From WordPress Posts With ‘Additional CSS.’

A quick 15-second video that illustrates hiding/removing dates from WP posts.

When utilizing Additional CSS, keep the following quirks in mind:

  • If you’re new to the whole concept of HTML, CSS, and coding, this might feel a little strange. However, the entire point of using this approach is that you’re not playing with the real and actual code. Plus, with this process, you can see your exact change on the right panel, so you can know right away whether your code is achieving the desired outcome.
  • If you strongly feel that your code doesn’t have any errors, perhaps you ended up picking the wrong class.
  • And lastly, you may need to apply the !important property to override specific styling rules that may be a roadblock to eliminating the dates. Chances are, it won’t come to it, but you can always try. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds, but you can learn more about it here.
    • High level, your code with !important appended would look something like:
.class name {display: none !important;}

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Final Say

Removing or taking off dates from WP posts isn’t complex or something that requires an expert developer. You can hire one, of course; it just doesn’t feel justified or necessary. The two approaches described in this post should be more than sufficient.

However, if nothing is doing the trick, you may need to tinker with the core code or install a plugin that can do the job for you.