How to Edit Categories in WordPress

To edit categories in WordPress, the very first step is to navigate to the main “Categories” section from your WordPress dashboard. To get there, hover your mouse over the main “Posts” menu to get more options. From those, click on Categories. Alternatively, you can click on Posts first, and subsequently, click on Categories.

how to navigate to wordpress categories
As demonstrated, hover your mouse to the main “Posts” option within your WP dashboard, and then select “Categories.”

Editing Categories in WordPress

main wordpress categories page - a screenshot of how it looks
How the main Categories Page looks like — inside your WordPress Dashboard.

As soon as you enter the main Categories page, you’ll notice that on the left side, there is an option for you to add a new category, while on the right side, is a list of your existing categories — that you can edit.

Deleting WordPress Categories

In order to delete the WordPress Categories, you can either individually hover your mouse over each to select the “delete” option, OR, select the checkbox for multiple categories, and then from the bulk options, choose delete > followed by hitting the apply button. See the screenshot below for reference.

how to delete wordpress categories
As shown, there are two methods you can employ to delete WordPress Categories.

Difference Between the Quick Edit and the Actual ‘Edit’ Option for WP Categories

Coming to the primer of this post, to either perform a quick edit or an actual edit, you’d have to hover over to the category name — and select the desired option.

quick edit and edit option for a wordpress category
As evident, hovering your mouse over a category name will reveal two options for “editing.” A quick edit, and the actual ‘edit.’

What the ‘Quick Edit’ Allows

The goal of the quick edit, as the name suggests, is precisely that. While limited in what you can do with it, if all you’re looking to do is update the name and the URL of your category, you can do so right here — without navigating anywhere else.

Simply click on it, put in the new name and the URL/slug, and finally, hit the Update Category button. (Image below for reference).

wordpress categories - quick edit
WordPress Quick Edit option for a WordPress Category.

What the ‘Edit’ Allows

Choosing to go with the edit option will take you to the individual Category page, where you can perform more tweaks and adjustments than just the name and the URL (which, BTW, is also something you can do from here).

Specifically, you can:

  1. Update the category name.
  2. Category URL.
  3. Choose a Parent Category.
  4. Add a textual description for that Category (if the option is available).
  5. Make changes to SEO title and meta description (may vary depending on which plugin you have and your default choices).

Once you’re satisfied with all of the changes, scroll all the way down, and hit the “update” button.

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As you can see, making edits to WordPress Categories is not cumbersome or complicated. The only caveat I’d throw in there is to be 100% sure of the changes, especially the URL, as that can carry SEO repercussions. Don’t let this warning dissuade you, just ensure you have planned for it.

Lastly, and while not the focus of this post here, if you’re annoyed by the “uncategorized” category in WordPress, I have a working solution for it that you can check out here.