How to Delete a Page in WordPress

Deleting pages in WordPress is a breeze. Usually, there are two methods of deleting pages. Method 1 focuses on removing a single page. Method 2, focuses on eliminating multiple pages.

Honestly, both actions are taken from the same place inside your WP dashboard; it’s just you have to select more than 1 to delete multiple pages.

Let’s get right into it.

Method 1: Deleting a Single Page in WordPress

To access this option, inside your WordPress Dashboard, look for “pages” as a line item. Once you find it, hover your mouse over it, and select “all pages.” Alternatively, you can click on pages too, and then select the aforementioned all pages. (See the screenshot below for reference).

how to navigate to all pages in wordpress
As shown, within your WordPress Dashboard, hover over to the main pages option, and then select all pages.

Next, from the subsequent window, hover over to the single page you want to delete under the title column, and hit the “trash” option.

how to delete a page in WP
To delete a single page, simply hover your mouse over it, and hit the trash option.

Honestly, that’s it — for now.

Method 2: Deleting Multiple Pages in WordPress

As stated before, the process of taking this action is also from the same location.

To delete multiple pages at once in WordPress, select more than one (or however many you’d want), and then, from the bulk action drop-down, select “move to trash.” (Image below for reference).

deleting multiple pages in wordpress
As demonstrated, click the checkboxes for however many pages you’d want, and then, from the bulk actions drop-down, elect to go with “move to trash.” And lastly, don’t forget to hit “apply.”

As far as deleting multiple pages go, this is how you’d execute. Although, if you’d rather just delete all of your pages, hit the checkbox next to the title column. (Image snapshot to follow after this paragraph). Doing so, will select all of them, and then, with a move to trash bulk action, you can get rid of each page.

Note that if you have many pages, selecting the title column will only work on the number of visible pages. For instance, say you have 40 pages. Inside WordPress, your 40 pages might be divided between two pages. Page 1 displays the first 20, page 2, displays the other 20.

So when you’re on page 1, and you go with the title checkbox, WP will only select the 20 you see on that page only.

how to take a bulk action on all pages in WordPress
Go for the main title column checkbox, to take a bulk action on all of your pages, moving to trash, being one of them.

FAQs About Deleting a Page

What Happens When You Move a Page to Trash in WordPress?

When you “trash” a page in WordPress individually, or via bulk action, these same pages are deleted for users who visit your website, in other words, they become 404 pages. However, in WordPress, they get moved to the “Trash” area. Think of it as a recycle bin on your Windows Desktop.

How Can You Access the Pages Trash in WP?

The trash can be accessed from the top menu, where WP shows how many pages are published, orphaned, etc. “Trash” will be one of the available options. See the attached to access the pages trash in wp

How to Permanently Delete Pages in WordPress

To do so, you’d have to head over to your pages trash, and you can either:
1. Take Bulk action on multiple, or all of the pages, and choose the option of “delete permanently.” OR,
2. Individually hover your mouse to a page, and select the same option.

How Can You Restore Pages in WP?

Conversely to the above, by going into your pages trash, you can also restore your deleted pages, as opposed to permanently deleting them. This can come in handy in a scenario when you have to immediately pull something down to make the necessary fixes, and then you can make it live again.

Can You Hide a Page in WordPress?

By this, I am assuming you mean to hide it from search engines, but still, have the page working/a.k.a, not have it be deleted. There are a couple of ways to achieve this; however, I’ll stick what you can do with Yoast for this one.
Go into your page, scroll down to the YOAST plugin, and then find “advanced.” Once you do, open the drop-down options to look for ‘Allow search engines to show this Page in search results?.’ In here, choose the no option. See the attached image for reference.
how to noindex a page from search engines using Yoast

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If you’ve ever wondered how to delete a page in WordPress, you might have already realized that it’s not something complicated or super-involved after reading this post.

On a high-level again, the process goes like this:

  1. You can delete individual pages or multiple pages.
  2. These deleted pages get moved to trash.
  3. From the Trash, you can permanently delete them, or restore them as well.