How To Convert Text to Superscript or Subscript in WordPress (No Plugins)

A superscript part of the text is typically smaller than the regular and written above the baseline. Most commonly, the usage of letters such as st, th, rd, etc., is employed following a number to indicate that a text is in superscript — for instance 1st, 5th, 3rd, and more. But of course, there are other purposes too.

On the other hand, a subscript is formatted traditionally at or below the baseline. One may encounter such occurrences in chemical formulas, for example, H2O, where the number two is the subscript.

These concepts are clear to most of us; the question is how to write text in superscript or subscript in WordPress? The answer is much more straightforward than you’d imagine. Read along.

Steps To Apply Superscript to a Text in WordPress

Step 1: Select the Text or Part of the Text That You Want to Superscript

In WordPress, when you’re done typing, select the text you want to superscript with your mouse functionality. Doing so will continue to have its associated small horizontal block bar on top. This is the same bar that allows to quickly bold a text, italicize it, etc.

In step 2 that follows, you will use this block bar. See the illustrative screenshot below for a visual reference.

an example of a paragraph block bar in WordPress Gutenberg
As depicted: A paragraph block bar in WordPress that uses the default Gutenberg Block Editor.

Step 2: Click on the Down Arrow for Displaying More Block Tools to Eventually Superscript Your Text

When applicable and depending on which block you’re working with (such as a heading, paragraph, etc.), there is a down arrow option right next to the hyperlink option (the chain icon).

If you hover your mouse over it and wait for a second, WP will display a message that says, “Displays more block tools.”

Essentially, you need to click on this arrow to invoke more things you can do with that specific block, with superscript-ing the selected part of the text being one of them. Look at the image underneath to understand how to superscript a text in WordPress.

final step to superscript a text in WordPress
The final step to superscript a text in WordPress.

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Steps To Apply Subscript to a Text in WordPress

The procedure for applying subscript to a text in WP is very similar to superscript; except, from the block bar’s down arrow, you’d choose the Subscript option. (It’s the second-last line item).

As a refresher, a picture is provided below to see how.

Applying subscript to a text in WordPress
Writing text in a subscript format in WordPress.

Expert Source: Wikipedia

Side note: This post is composed from the perspective of using the default WP Gutenberg only.