How To Add Links in WordPress

Links are the essence of the internet. Beneficial to both search engines and end-users, they can provide meaning, context, relevancy, credibility, citation, and a lot more.

WordPress, being one of the most utilized platforms, makes it easy to insert links/hyperlinks to various resources — be it a page, post, another site, or even linking buttons and other elements.

This post will tackle illustrating some of the standard & everyday linking needs in WordPress: text, buttons, and images.

To add a hyperlink from one of your pages, to another page from your own site, follows the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to the page FROM which you want to supplement a hyperlink to one of your other page.

Step 2: Type in the text you want to use for the link. Once done, highlight it.

Step 3: At this point, you might have noticed a small horizontal pop-up that constantly appears above your text. From that pop-up, keeping your text selected, click the link (looks like a chain link) icon.

how to link a page in wordpress to another page part 1
As shown, keep your text selected, and then click on the chain link icon. Alternatively, you can even use the keyword combination of CTRL + K, one after the other.

Step 4: Now, as soon as you click the link icon, there are a couple of choices you’d have to make. They are:

  • Which page you want to add the link to.
  • If you’re going to open the link in a new tab.
  • And if you want to leverage any <a> rel attributes — depending if you’re using the Yoast SEO plugin.
linking options in wordpress. How to link a page to another page part 2
Here are the linking choices that are described above.

Step 5: To link a page to another page, search for the page name, or directly copy-paste the URL. Either way, ensure you’ve actually attached the link by selecting the page (if searching for one) or pressing enter or taking comparable actions if directly copy-pasting the URL.

Conceptually speaking, the process is more or less similar for adding links to other WordPress elements. Nevertheless, for a step-by-step guide on adding links to a button in WordPress, see below:

Step 1: Insert a button of your choice.

Step 2: After, select the button, and divert your attention to the pop-up on top that is similar and familiar to the one that gets displayed while trying to insert a normal hyperlink.

how to add button links in wordpress part 1
Notice the pop-up on top. Also, please observe that the link iconography is slightly different when you compare it against the one displayed during a standard text link insertion.

Step 3: The final step to adding a hyperlink/link to a button in WordPress is to simply select the link destination, and decide whether you’d like to open the destination in a new tab. See the screenshot below for visual context.

how to add button links in wordpress part 2
As demonstrated, the final step is to decide where you want this button link to go to, and if you’d prefer to have it open in a new tab. The link destination can be a page on your own site or an external site.

At this juncture in the post, you should be all acquainted with the methodology of inserting links. Images, like buttons, or normal textual hyperlinks, are no different. All the same, to cover the ground on the process, follow along to know how to add links to an image in WP.

Step 1: Insert an image of your choosing.

Step 2: Next, indistinguishable from appending a link to a button or a regular text, focus your eyesight to the almost ditto-looking chain link icon — that appears on the horizontal bar.

How To Add Links to an Image in WordPress part 1
Notice the chain link icon on the top horizontal bar that keeps following. Use that to connect and tie a hyperlink to your image.

Step 3: Using the link option (as described in the image caption above; and again in the screenshot below), add your link to the image.

How To Add Links to an Image in WordPress part 2
Like everything so far, continue to use the chain link icon for affixing links to an image.
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Sticking links to texts, buttons, and images is not rocket science when using WordPress. It’s as easy as a couple of clicks. And sure, there is an HTML custom coding method if that’s preferred, but the entire point of using a robust and a flexible CMS like WordPress is to avoid just that.

To summarize, this post discussed:

  1. How to link a page in WordPress to another page: This is demonstrated by using some text as an example.
  2. How to add links to a button in WordPress.
  3. How to add links to an image in WordPress.