How to Add a Contact Form on Your WordPress Site

Back in the good old basic HTML coding days, one of the things I learned was to create a form. Honestly, that part wasn’t that hard. Even today, you could probably find a tutorial online to learn the basic concepts and code. What was hard; however, was to be able to make all the connections, from the server side, attaching emails, pretty much, making the whole thing work.

Luckily, if you’ve already come this far in setting your website, adding a contact form on your WordPress site is an absolute piece of cake!

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Creating a Contact Us Form on WordPress (Total Time: 10 Minutes)

  1. Select a Plugin of Your Choice

    There are tons and tons of free, and paid plugins available out there for you to choose from. For this post, we’re going to reference WPForms. Go ahead and install that plugin. For more advanced functionality, they also have a pro version, but for simple intent and purposes, the basic free version should suffice!

  2. Create a New Form

    Once installed, head right over to plugin, and then select “Add new.wpforms-add-new-form

  3. Enter Form Name, and Select a Template

    For the “Form Name” field, enter your desired name. Then, go ahead and select “simple contact form.”wpforms-enter-form-name-and-select-template

  4. Configure the Form

    Add and remove (drag & drop) fields per your desire, and make absolutely sure to add the “GDPR Agreement” for compliance reasons. You can individually select each field to change its description, text, etc. Say, for instance, you wanted your email field to be called abcdef, you can most certainly do that. Impressively enough, you do get a variety of customization options. I’d advise that you play around here!wpforms-configure-form

  5. Create a Contact Us Page if Needed, and Add the Form

    The last step here is to add the form. Either on a contact us page, if you haven’t created already, or to an existing page. Either way, the form will need to be added to a landing page of your choice. To add the form, you can simply use the “Shortcode.” Where and how do you find the Shortcode? The form will tell you. Alternatively, you can also embed it, which is almost the same thing. At the end of the day, you have to copy-paste a code. If it helps, feel free to navigate to to see how the end result looks like. Now to assist you further on what I did in the back-end, see the attached image. I literally copy-pasted the code into my landing page. And alas, my form was created. wpforms adding shortcode

What About Deciding Which Email Address I Get the Notifications On?

This part, can be controlled from the “Notifications” settings for your form (screenshot below for reference). I stuck to the admin email, because that’s what I wanted, but you can choose a different email. Again, just the free version of this form gives you tons of customization options, so I’d highly encourage that you familiarize yourself with it.

wpforms selecting email address
Right below the notifications, you can go to confirmations, and decide what ‘Thank you’ message you want to display, once a user gets in touch with you.

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Seriously, it is this simple to add a contact form on your WordPress site. And as pointed out earlier, there are tons of plugin options available to you — with some even having paid options — for payment integrations, storing information, etc. You are most certainly not obligated to stick to WPForms, but it is one of the most used ones out there!