How Do I Check My WordPress PHP Version?

Without using any tools, uploading any files, or installing any third-party code, one of the quickest and most reliable methods of checking your WordPress PHP version in usage is straight inside the WordPress Dashboard.

Checking Which WordPress PHP Version Is in Use — Directly Inside WordPress

WordPress has an in-built feature called “Site Health.” This tool is diagnostic — at least the first part of it — and checks for the overall health of your WP site in terms of:

  • How up-to-date your site is for plugins.
  • If security features exist on your site.
  • And more.

All of this information is displayed under the “Status” tab of the Site Health section. However, additionally, there is another tab called “Info,” whereby this same tool will give you the existing details such as what database server is utilized, rules around media handling such as max upload size allowed, along with other useful technical particulars.

A glimpse of WP Site Health
A glimpse of WP Site Health.

As one may accurately guess, the “Info” tab also highlights what PHP version is currently deployed onto a WordPress website.

Finding Out Which PHP Version Is Installed — Within WordPress’ Site Health Tool

To discover which PHP version is placed on the live WP site with the help of the Site Health functionality, the first step is to get there.

As such, it is accessible from the main WordPress dashboard at: Tools> Site Health.

step 1 of figuring out which PHP version is deployed onto a WP site
Step 1 of figuring out which PHP version is positioned onto a WP site.

Next, click on the “info” tab on top. (Note that as a default, you will land on the “Status” tab).

step 2 of discovering existing PHP version in use -- for a WordPress site
As shown, click on the “Info” tab as your step 2.

Finally, locate a line item titled “Server” and select its associated dropdown arrow to reveal/expand on the details. Amongst a bunch of them, in most cases, as the 3rd item from the top, would be the PHP version in use on your WP site. (See image screenshot below for visual reference).

final step to locating what PHP version is being used on a WP site
The final step towards divulging the WordPress PHP version.

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Other Methods

Equally in reliability, one other method that stands out for figuring out the WordPress PHP version is through your hosting provider. Since they are the ones “hosting” your site, they should also have information about your PHP version.

Outside of these two approaches, there are other valid techniques, but honestly, they should only be pursued if, for some reason, both these methodologies fail you.