GoDaddy Managed WP Plan: Creating & Accessing a Staging WordPress Site

A purpose of a staging site is to test changes and verify if doing so doesn’t break your site or critical functionalities.

You can think of a staging site as a clone of your website, except it adds a layer of protection by preventing making direct updates to the live site. The advantage here is that in case something goes wrong, your actual website doesn’t suffer the consequences. And if everything looks correct, you can push or sync your staging site to the one that your site users land on.

Additionally, depending on how the technological setup is, you can even revert back to a restore point — similar to how system restores work in Windows Operating systems.

Speaking to WordPress specifically, though, as an example, a staging site can assist with testing plugin updates or code modifications in an isolated environment. If no issues manifest, then these can be safely reproduced on the one that remains online for the world.

GoDaddy, like its competitors, offers a 1-click staging site for accounts on one of its Managed WordPress Plans. To learn how to create one for yourself and access it, follow along.

How To Create a Staging Site With a GoDaddy Managed WordPress Plan

Step 1: From Your Products, Scroll Down to the “Managed WordPress” Card

Log into your GoDaddy account, go to your products, and then, scroll down to the page where you can see a card that’s labeled “Managed WordPress.”

Managed WordPress Section in GoDaddy
“Managed WordPress” Section in GoDaddy. This can be accessed by going to your products.

Step 2: Click on “Manage All”

Within the Managed WordPress card, click on the option of “Manage all.” A right arrow often accompanies this text. See the screenshot below for a visual reference.

selecting the Manage All option inside GoDaddy Managed WordPress Section
As shown, hit the “Manage All” option.

Step 3: Click the 3 Horizontal Dotted Options Menu and Select “Settings

After completing step 2, you’ll land on the main Managed WordPress page, where you’ll see your site being displayed. On the same imaginary line, on the right-most side, you should notice three horizontal dots.

Click on it to invoke the menu item, and select “Settings.”

navigating to a GoDaddy Managed WordPress site settings
As demonstrated, go to the settings page for your Managed WordPress site.

Step 4: Hit the “Create” Button To Initiate Building of a Staging Site

As soon as you go to the settings page, you’ll see two big cards on top. One will say “Production Site,” and adjacent to it would be a “Staging Site.” If this is your first time constructing a staging site, you will see a Create button inside the Staging site card. Hit that, and GoDaddy will initiate the creation & syncing of the staging site from your production site.

Note that depending on how big your site is, it could take some time.

syncing staging site from production site in a GoDaddy Managed WordPress Plan
Hitting the create button will initiate the creation & the syncing of a staging site from the production site.

How To Access a Staging WP Site for Those Who Are on a GoDaddy Managed WordPress Plan

Once your staging site is created, you can log into its WordPress dashboard via the “Actions” menu item.

As step 1, click on it, and then as step 2, select “Edit Staging Site.”

logging into the staging site for a GoDaddy Managed WP Plan
Elect to go with the “Edit Staging site” as referenced in this screenshot.

To view how your staging site looks like, from the same settings page, click the squared arrow icon next to the heading of Staging Site.

how to view a wordpress staging site
How to view a WordPress staging site — if on a GoDaddy Managed WP Plan.

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The invention of staging sites was a boon to the ambitions of what a website could achieve. From juggling and diagnosing critical errors to testing and experimenting with new ideas, staging sites can protect production sites from breaking and not interrupt the regular flow of things and traffic.

When it comes to GoDaddy Managed WordPress Plans, creating a staging site is as easy as clicking a button, literally! Essentially, all you have to do is head over to your site’s settings page, and select the “Create” button.