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What Is the “Title Bar Window Shake” Feature in Windows 11?

Windows 11 is exceptionally tailored for efficiency and productivity while at the same time providing a tremendous positive user experience.

Out of the many features that Windows 11 offers, one of them is focused on multitasking. The “Multitasking” functionality can be accessed at: Settings > System > Multitasking.

So What Is Title Bar Window Shake Anyway?

The “Title Bar Window Shake” is part of the multitasking umbrella in Windows 11.

What it does is that when you click and hold on a window and shake it (by moving your mouse rapidly in opposite directions), it will minimize all of the other open Windows. Then, when you shake it again, it will bring back all the other windows in the background. For context and reference, take a look at the video below.

Windows 11 Title Bar Window Shake Feature in Action

Here is an eight-second video that quickly and accurately demos how to use the Windows 11 “Title Bar Window Shake” feature.

An Important Note

Please note that the title bar window shake will not work right away if your window is maximized. This is because the first thing it will do is resize that specific window. Afterward, it will behave as it’s supposed to when you shake it.

Accessing the Title Bar Window Shake and Turning It On or Off

As discussed earlier, the Title Bar Window Shake is hosted under the “Multitasking” system settings in Windows 11.

As such, that is precisely where it can be found and from where you can turn this feature on or off with a toggle. To refresh the memory, the Title Bar Window Shake is accessible at Settings > System > Multitasking.

Once you land on that section, in most cases, it will be the 4th option from the top. It can be recognized easily because a card with that name will be present.

Next, to turn it off or on, use the associated toggle, as shown in the screenshot below.

enabling or disabling the title bar window shake feature in Windows 11
How to enable or disable the “Title Bar Window Shake” tool in Windows 11.

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Why the Title Bar Window Shake Feature Exists

The upward trend of working from home is pushing new limits on how well a device can perform when it comes to multitasking while being dependent on device configurations such as processor speed, RAM, and also what operating system is being utilized.

The best use case of having the Title Bar Window Shake enabled is for when it comes to focusing on things. This thoughtful attribute of windows 11 can serve as a great alternative to rapidly hide all of the other distractions (in other words, all your other windows).

So in leveraging this tool, one can give attention only to what’s right in front of them, without worrying about exiting out of the other applications. This could be exceedingly useful for many, as they have a variety of tasks and applications running simultaneously but are afraid of losing any progress if they were to close or stop them.