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What Is the “Archive Apps” Functionality in Windows 11?

Innovative design and intelligent functionality are some of the first words that come to mind when thinking about Windows 11. From tons of unique features available in the OS, one of them is what’s called the “Archive Apps.”

The logic behind this clever tool is that it automatically detects rarely used apps. The exact timeline is unknown, but the system is brilliant enough to know that it would be okay to take action by uninstalling the said application from the Operating System.

The beauty of this craftsmanship is that it keeps all the settings and tweaks in place (your files and data), so on the off chance you do open the app, it will restore everything to the way it was by reinstalling the app if it’s still in good standing with the Microsoft Store.

The Benefit of Archive Apps

The most significant benefit of this feature in Windows 11 is that everything is automated. And the reason you would even want to use this feature is that you want to save on internet bandwidth and storage space. All you have to ensure is that this setting is turned on by visiting: Main Settings > Apps > Advanced App Settings > Archive Apps. On the contrary, this is also the place you’d go if you want to turn this built-in option off/disable it.

how to enable or disable archive apps in windows 11
How to enable or disable archive apps in windows 11: Go to the place demoed in this image above, and use the toggle to turn it on/enable or off/disable.

Having mentioned everything thus far, it’s understandable that modern devices come with plenty of storage, so some folks might not even bother with it. However, having an application used infrequently occupying space in the system is not something many prefer either.

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Leveraging Archive Apps Is a Personal Choice

Like many things in life, utilizing Archive Apps in Windows 11 boils down to personal preferences.

It’s there if you want to use it; if not, turn it off by using the toggle. (Another screenshot is below for reference).

archive apps on off toggle in windows 11
Archive Apps on/off toggle in windows 11.

A side note: Archive Apps will only work for apps inside the Microsoft Store.