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What Is Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10 and How Can It Be Useful?

As the name may suggest, Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10 can convert your device into a hotspot so that other devices can use your internet connection to get online. Technically speaking, this really isn’t that different than using a hotspot through your mobile phone; it’s still nice to know that the functionality exists with Windows Operating Systems as well.

How To Turn On Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10

To do so, search for mobile hotspot in your start menu. Once you’re on that system setting, use the toggle (like a switch) to turn it on. See the screenshot below for visual reference.

how to turn on mobile hotspot in windows 10
How to turn on mobile hotspot in windows 10: As shown, use the toggle switch to turn it on.

Features of Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot

While turning on the mobile hotspot is a piece of cake, there are a few thoughtfully carved out features.

Feature 1: It is possible to share your internet connection through ethernet as well, if you’re connected to it. There is a drop-down option if your device is eligible for it. If not, Windows will automatically choose Wi-Fi for you and lock the drop-down.

share my internet connection from feature in windows 10 mobile hotspot
Share my internet connection from feature in Windows 10 mobile hotspot.

Feature 2: You can edit your network name, password, as well as, your band (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). By default, there are pre-assigned details for all 3, but if you desired to change that, you can with the “Edit” button, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

editing mobile hotspot details in windows 10
Editing mobile hotspot details in Windows 10.

Feature 3: You can connect up to 8 devices on a Windows 10 mobile hotspot. Once devices start syncing up to your connection, you can see their name, along with their IP & MAC addresses. This can be handy for a quick glimpse to see who’s presently benefiting from your hotspot and which are the uninvited devices. Hopefully, though, you don’t run into that nightmare.

8 is the total number of devices one can connect on Windows 10 mobile hotspot
8 is the total number of devices one can connect on the Windows 10 mobile hotspot. Next, as soon as devices start connecting here, you should be able to see their names, as well as their IP & MAC addresses.

Feature 4: The Windows 10 mobile hotspot has a Power Saving mode where it could automatically turn off the mobile hotspot when no devices are using this service.

Windows 10 mobile hotspot power saving feature
Windows 10 mobile hotspot power saving feature. You can toggle this functionality on or off, as evident from this image.

In What Situations Can the Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot Be Useful?

Primarily, there are two situations where it makes sense to take advantage of this practical solution from Windows 10.

Situation 1 is when you do not want to share your actual Wi-Fi or internet details with the person with whom you’re sharing your hotspot. The mobile Hotspot can act as an intermediary between the router and your guest. This can provide you with additional security where you have the assurance that no real credentials are being exposed. In fact, by editing the details — especially your network name-you can also hide your device’s name, as discussed in feature 2.

Situation 2 is when you’re on the move and away from the comforts of home, say at airports, trains, etc., whereby you have your own personal internet connection, and you’re willing to share it with your travelers. Conceptually, this scenario would also grant you the security you’re looking for, while allowing you to help others. Just remember, a max of 8 devices can connect via the mobile hotspot — which I think is more than enough.

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Final Words

The Windows mobile hotspot is an excellent utility for anyone looking for that extra safety & security support. The best part about this tool is that you can mask your real internet details, and yet, share them with your loved ones.

Above all, from just one main Window, you can see who all are currently using your internet, in order to monitor for intruders.