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How To Switch to Dark Mode in Windows 11

Be it for aesthetics or potentially reduced strain on the eyes, amongst other benefits, a dark mode can often offer a much-needed change of scenery from the light mode or the regular mode on electronic devices.

Thankfully, in Windows 11, it is now possible to enable dark mode with a few easy clicks. Follow the steps below to activate dark mode in Windows 11.

Step-by-Step Guide on Switching the Windows 11 OS to Dark Mode

Like most tweaks that have to do with updating the look, feel, and basic functionality, the adjustment of light to dark mode in Windows 11 also resides within its main settings. Technically, it’s part of the Personalization aspect — which is a sub-feature under the main system settings.

In any case, read along to properly swap your current Windows 11 OS mode with dark mode.

Step 1: Open Settings in Windows 11

To get to the main Settings app, you can search for it in the start menu. (See screenshot below).

searching and opening the main settings app in windows 11
Searching and opening the main settings app in Windows 11.

Step 2: Select “Personalization” From the Left Panel of the Settings Window

After having the main Settings window open, click on the “Personalization” option from the left side, as depicted in the image below.

opening the personalization settings in windows 11
As shown in this image, click on “Personalization” from the left panel.

Step 3: Click on the “Colors” Card From the Right Section of the Personalization Settings

Once inside the Personalization settings, pick the “Colors” card (the one right below Background; second option). Doing so will take you to the final step, where you can eventually update your Windows 11 OS to dark mode. Check out the image capture below for a visual reference.

selecting the colors card in Windows 11 to eventually update the OS to dark mode
Selecting the colors card inside Personalization will lead you to the final step of updating Windows 11 to dark mode.

Step 4 (Final Step): Update Your Windows 11 Operating System to Dark Mode

Enclosed at Settings > Personalization > Colors, the “Choose your mode” option exists for changing the colors appearance in Windows 11 and its app / a.k.a., selecting a light, dark, or custom mode.

As your final step, hit the associated drop-down for the Choose your mode card (the very first option) and click on the “Dark” option. Doing so will immediately reform your Windows 11 to Dark mode. Examine the picture below to assimilate how to execute this final step.

final step towards updating Windows 11 to dark mode
The last step for updating Windows 11 to dark mode.

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The Dark Mode Isn’t the Default Choice for Windows 11

As of writing this post, the dark mode isn’t the default theme choice for Windows 11 operating systems. However, as seen in this post, switching is relatively straightforward.

And in the event one wants to revert to the light mode, the instructions learned in this post are the same; except, for the very last step, you’d select the “light” option.

As a parting thought, as demand for accessibility and UX increases, the choices presented to personalize your Windows operating system will only get better. With the dark mode, it’s a great start!