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How To Regulate Notifications in Windows 11: (on a Per-App Basis or for Everything)

There are multiple approaches to controlling app notifications in Windows 11 — one of them being directly from the Action Center when an alert for an app is received.

For example, suppose I were to disable a notification I got for the NYTimes app. In that case, I can click on the 3 dotted line and select “Turn off all notifications for NYTimes” or go to the actual settings for it for granular adjustments.

an example of turning off a notification via the action center in Windows 11
An example of turning off a notification via the Action Center in Windows 11.

With that laid out, the main focus of this post will be on managing notifications via the main settings in Windows 11 — and discuss the same on an individual app level or for everything. To get started, we will begin our learning on the latter first, as that’s the order in which it appears in Windows 11.

How To Dictate & Regulate Notifications for All the Apps in Windows 11

In Windows 11, notifications has its own settings. To get there, head over to Settings > System > Notifications.

As soon as you enter, at the very top would be a separate notification card with a dropdown arrow associated with it at the very right end of the same card. See the screenshot below for reference.

the main notifications card in windows 11 system settings
The main notifications card in Windows 11 system settings.

Turning Notifications on or Off for Everything in Windows 11

Apart from the dropdown arrow on the main notifications card in Windows 11, notice that there is an on or off toggle adjacent to it on the left. (Take a look at the image above, again).

To turn notifications on or off for everything or all apps in Windows 11, click on the toggle.

Controlling 3 More Notification Features in Windows 11 for All Apps

Distinctly, while keeping the notifications on for all apps, there are three more options to the dropdown. The following choices would appear when you open it — each accompanied by its own checkbox — to enable or disable that particular feature.

  1. Show notifications on the lock screen.
  2. Show reminders and incoming VoIP calls on the lock screen.
  3. Allow notifications to play sound.
individual notification choices for the main notifications card in Windows 11 system settings
The individual notification choices for the main notifications card in Windows 11 system settings. Keep the checkbox ticked to keep a specific feature functional.

Manipulating Individual App Level Notifications in Windows 11

At the exact location of Settings > System > Notifications, there would be a large section of individual cards (one for each app) under the heading of “Notifications from apps and other senders.”

On a super high level, every app will have its own on/off toggle. So if all you’re looking for is to tinker with just that aspect, the toggle will suffice. (See the screenshot below for visual context of things).

individual app level notifications control in Windows 11
Individual app-level notifications control in Windows 11.

Playing Around With More Granular Notification Features for Individual Apps

All eligible apps displayed under the notification settings have their own angled right bracket by the on/off toggle.

angled right bracket for apps under notifications in Windows 11
Angled right bracket for single apps under notifications in Windows 11.

Clicking on this right-angled bracket will open up more options for managing notifications for that specific app. These options do not change and remain the same for all apps; however, they can be adjusted individually on an app-level basis. To see what these choices look like, take a gander at the screenshot below.

the different choices available for managing individual app-level notifications in Windows 11
There are many choices for managing individual app-level notifications in Windows 11 — outside of simply turning the notification on or off.

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Windows 11 Makes It Easy To Manage Notifications

Things have become more elegant yet unostentatious with Windows 11. Using this upgraded version of the OS gives a sense of both something that is very familiar and new.

With every imagination thrown at making Windows 11 beautiful — if one were to describe it in one word — managing notification has never been easier. Moreover, it is exceptionally straightforward to control these not only globally/a.k.a. for all of the apps but also separately app-by-app, as we learned.