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How to Clear and Disable Clipboard History in Windows 10

I’ve often portrayed Windows 10 as an excellent utility for everyday productivity and hacks. One of those is the clipboard history that many of you may not be aware of.

With the October 2018 Windows upgrade, the clipboard itself also went through some of its own, where it can now store up to 25 items in the queue, along with a few more features.

No matter the circumstances though, some users might want to clear and disable clipboard history in the first place so that it doesn’t store items anymore.

How to Clear Clipboard History in Windows 10

There are two standard methods for clearing clipboard history in Windows 10.

Method 1: Using the Clipboard Itself

Step 1: Invoke your clipboard History by pressing the Windows key + V (one after the other).

Step 2: Decide which item you want to clear. Then, click on the 3 dotted line to either clear only that item by selecting the delete option, or clear the entire clipboard, by selecting clear all.

clearing clipboard items from clipboard itself
You can either individually clear a single item, or clear all directly within the clipboard history.

Method 2: Using Clipboard Settings

Step 1: Search for “clipboard settings” in your start menu to open its system settings.

opening clipboard settings
As shown, first, open the system clipboard settings

Step 2: From the subsequent settings page, at the bottom, you’d see an option for Clear clipboard data. In there, hit the “clear” button to clear your clipboard. Do note that it won’t erase any pinned items.

clear clipboard data windows 10
Clear your clipboard data by clicking on the “clear” button.

How to Disable Clipboard History

Disabling clipboard history will prevent Windows to queue multiple items inside the clipboard.

To do so, go back to the same clipboard system settings, and instead of working under the “Clear clipboard data,” turn of the functionality of clipboard history.

There is a toggle for it (screenshot below for reference).

clipboard history turn on and off toggle
As displayed, use the toggle to turn off clipboard history for multiple items.

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In Conclusion

Outside of the methods discussed here, you may further find some advanced hacks to clear and disable clipboard History in Windows 10, which leverages either the command prompt or the registry.

However, my advice would be only to explore those avenues when neither of these work.