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How to Change Your Cursor on Windows 10

How to change your cursor on Windows 10 operating system? It’s actually extremely easy.

To change your mouse cursor, essentially, you have to make tweaks to your default mouse settings. To do so, follow along.

Step 1: Open Mouse Settings Windows

To begin, press your windows key, and then search for “change your mouse settings.” As a result, you’ll get that same option in the start window that’s open. Select it, and you’ll notice a new mouse settings window open. See the screenshots below for reference.

typing change your mouse settings in start
Type the suggested text, and then select that option.
main mouse settings window
Mouse settings window. Should look something similar on your end.

Step 2: Change Other Mouse Settings if You Want. Otherwise, Select “Additional Mouse Options”

In the main mouse settings window, you can make a few other changes to your mouse if you want. Mainly, the options available to adjust are:

  1. What you want as your primary button. Left click or the right click. I believe the majority of users have it as “left.” Still, if for some reason you want to change that, you can do so here.
  2. How your mouse scroll lock behaves: By default, your mouse scroll goes down or up (depending) one line at a time. However, you can dictate if you want to customize how many lines it can scroll. Additionally, you can also completely change the core functionality here by having your scroll — scroll one screen at a time.
  3. Whether you also want to scroll inactive windows: The initial setting here is turned on, but you can always turn it off. An inactive window is pretty much a window where your focus is not there. However, your mouse cursor can still get there, and can use its scroll feature to navigate up or down (possibly horizontal too). I personally find this feature handy, but you can always turn it off.
  4. How your existing cursor looks and feels like: Here, you’d get more choices to manipulate how your current cursor (whatever it is) looks and feels like. From the main change your mouse settings window, if you click on “adjust mouse & cursor size,” you can decide and make adjustments to things like the color, size (obviously), thickness, and probably more (contingent on how your Windows 10 is configured).

If none of the 4 above interests you, and you want to stay on task at hand, select “additional mouse options.”

Step 3: “Additional Mouse Options”

Hitting that option will likely open a new window called “Mouse Properties.” Here as well, you can personalize some of the extra mouse settings per your need. Or, you can simply choose to skip over all of that, and head straight to the pointers tab.

Advancing there will enable you to choose a different mouse pointer/cursor option that you’d want (screenshot to follow). You can find even more options (including animated cursors) by hitting “browse.”

mouse properties pointers

Once you’re satisfied with your choices, hit okay. And lastly, don’t forget to play around with other mouse settings to tailor your new cursor to your exact needs.

It should be noted that the customize options are tied to its scheme. For instance, if you select a different scheme, your customize options will change a bit. Further, the cursor options you see under customize are meant for different situations. For example, when we try to select a hyperlink, the cursor changes to the hand symbol we’re all accustomed to.

The entire point of Windows 10 showcasing cursor for all situations is precisely because it’s allowing you to contrive your cursor choices the way you want.

Play around here, and you’ll get the gist of how things work here.

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Bonus: How to Change Your Mouse Pointer Color to Red

Apparently, there’s a lot of interest in folks wanting to change their mouse pointer/cursor to red color.

To accomplish this, follow along up until step 2, sub-bullet 4. Then, in the “cursor and pointer” window, you’d have to select the 4th option, under the section of change pointer color.

change pointer color
Select the 4th option.

Doing so will reveal some hand-picked out colors that Windows 10 thinks you’ll like. Unfortunately, “red” will likely not be an option there. In that scenario, you’ll have to click on pick a custom pointer color. Subsequently, you’ll see a new window pop-up, where you can select red.

However, if that doesn’t give you the assurance, clicking on more will provide you with more clear-cut options to input the RGB or hex codes. This way, you can confidently say that you accurately got the shade of red you wanted! As soon as you’re satisfied, hit done. (screenshot below).

windows 10 pick a custom pointer color
Hitting on “more” will give you more precise options to input RGB or hex codes. My screenshot says less because I’ve already clicked on it.


Changing mouse cursor, its size, and colors on Windows 10 can be done for many purposes. Maybe it is something as simple as a change of scenery, or perhaps it is for more other meticulous reasons such as having a right contrast color to something that makes you feel like it’s your own thing!

There’s a reason that Windows 10 has so many mouse cursor customization options! Play around, and leverage them to your full potential. At the end of the day, your cursor choice is your own. And where I come from, you do you!

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