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How To Change Date and Time in Windows 10

Most Windows 10 devices are in all likelihood set to automatically display the date and time of where the device is located; however, if there is a need for a manual intervention — in order to change the default settings —Windows 10 does have that option available.

Step by Step Guide to Manually Changing Date and Time in Windows 10

There are multiple ways to land on the date and time settings in Windows 10; nonetheless, this post will discuss a relatively painless workflow for changing date and time in Windows 10. To get started, follow the steps below (in order of).

Step 1: Right-click on the date and time (usually present in the bottom right corner of your screen) to invoke the context menu.

invoking the right click context menu from windows date and time display
As your first step towards changing date and time, as shown, start with a right-click.

Step 2: Next, from the context menu, select “Adjust date/time.” (See reference screenshot above).

Step 3: Toggle the following two buttons below — to off — within the Date & time settings.

  • Set time automatically
  • set time zone automatically.

Technically, you only need to switch off the first button to enable the “set the date and time manually” option.

toggling automatic date and time settings to off in Windows 10
Turn off the two settings shown in the image. Without it (technically, just the first one), you won’t be able to override the default date and time settings manually.

Step 5: Once the required automatic options are turned off, click the “change” button under the headline of set date and time manually. Doing so will result in a new pop-up window where you can tweak the date and time to your desire. And lastly, don’t forget to hit the change button as soon as you’re satisfied with your modifications.

final step of changing date and time manually in windows 10
Final step of changing date and time manually in windows 10.

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Moving away from the intrinsic Windows 10 automatic date and time — to a manual one isn’t difficult.

With a few clicks, the default setting can be effortlessly superseded. For the most part, though, most users will not have the justification to execute as such; but, knowing how to alter the automatic option can always come in handy when the need arises.