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How Much Space Does Windows 10 Take on an SSD

In a Windows 10 Home edition (version 2004), for a 64-bit operating system, you’ll need at least 22.8 GB of SSD space for pure core system files. These said system files are critical, or in other words, the Windows 10 operating system won’t work without them.

But that’s only what you’ll need to install, which isn’t enough in this day and age. Although at the minimum, may vary slightly depending on your manufacturer, you’ll also need SSD space for:

  1. Virtual Memory: The primary function of virtual memory is to free up your actual RAM, and act a temporary one — while you’re working on laptop/desktop, in order for you to be able to run multiple apps at the same time smoothly. The reserved SSD space for this (for the same edition, version, and bit), is at least 2.39 GB.
  2. Hibernation File: The system would want to reserve about 6.35 GB for this.
  3. System Restore: 5.67 GB

Now, if you add all 3, to the requirement for core system files, your total SSD allotment comes out to 37.2 GB. Look at the overview image below for visual reference.

an overview of how much ssd space Windows 10 takes
A breakdown of how much space does Windows 10 take on an SSD, for a home edition (version 2004), on a 64-bit system.


Is a 128gb SSD Enough for Windows 10?

Yes, most definitely, as far as storage requirements go. However, my recommendation would be to go up slightly higher, as the price difference between a 128 GB and a 256 GB shouldn’t be that much. The only caveat I’d throw here is that you should also ensure you have enough hardware specs to support the latest Windows 10.

What Is the Best SSD for Windows 10?

According to Windows Central, it’s the “Samsung 970 EVO Plus.” But again, I’d advise that you also look into other hardware configurations of a future new purchase, just outside of what kind of SSD you have, and what is its storage capacity. Seeing our tremendous strides in technology, and the competition, you as a consumer, have lots of options.

How Much Usable Space Is on a 128 GB SSD?

It is said that a 128 GB SSD will provide roughly 80 – 90 GB of usable space.

Is a 128 GB SSD Enough for Gaming?

Most likely not. All high-performance games can easily take up to more than 50 GB of space. If your intention is to buy a laptop where you’d want to get the full & proper experience for high-end games (without any lags), store a lot of photos/videos, and need enough for OS updates, go with a 1 TB SSD. And not to sound like a broken record, do take note of other hardware specs. The performance of your laptop is dependent on multiple factors, storage being only one of them.

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In general, as time goes by, technology gets cheaper, to serve the increased demand for better picture quality, streaming, speed, etc. and more.

And with these same technological and user experience improvements, comes security enhancements and upgrades to safeguard against the latest hacks, vulnerabilities, and exploits.

Point being, with every iteration of this incessant cycle, more storage will be required. So when you’re purchasing a new laptop with an SSD, keep your future needs in mind.