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Guide to Changing Font (Text) Size in Windows 11

Microsoft has gone to extreme lengths in tailoring its Windows 11 OS for everyone, including those requiring accessibility features.

Recognizing that all are unique in their own way, Windows 11 has an entirely separate Setting that pertains to all things accessibility. Predominantly, these choices are divided into the following three categories:

  1. Vision: In here, there are eight distinct functionalities one can tinker with. Examples include adjusting font size — which is what this post focuses on, color filters, contrast themes, etc.
  2. Hearing: Windows 11 has two options here that one can play around with.
  3. Interaction: Lastly, this category has four items one can work with in order to personalize the OS further.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Changing Font/Text Size in Windows 11

Step 1: Head Over to the Accessibility Settings After Opening the Main Settings

The path to open the accessibility settings is: Settings > Accessibility. Take a look at the image below for a visual reference.

opening accessibility settings in Windows 11
Step 1 of changing font/text size in Windows 11.

Step 2: Open the “Text Size” Card Slotted Under the ‘Vision’ Section

Once you enter the accessibility settings, click on the “Text Size” card under the heading of ‘Vision.’ Typically, this will be the very first option inside accessibility settings. Check out the image below for context.

opening the text size accessibility option in Windows 11
Step 2 of changing font/text size in Windows 11.

Step 3 (Final Step): Use the Text Size Slider To Increase or Decrease the Font/Text Size

As soon as you’re in the Text Size accessibility settings, you can’t miss the slider with the same name.

Drag the slider on the right to increase the text size or back left again to decrease it. As an added benefit, Windows will adjust its preview of how the text will appear based on the slider position.

Once satisfied, hit the Apply button to push your changes to immediate effect.

Review the image underneath to know how everything comes into play.

making final changes to text size in Windows 11
The last and final step towards changing font/text size in Windows 11.

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Where Would the Font/Text Size Changes Take Place?

According to Windows, modifying the font/text size will be noticeable in most places. Examples are your browsers, start menu, or when exploring your folders and files.

This setting alone should honestly cover your ground in at least 80%-90% of the places, just as an offhand guestimate. However, suppose you find an area where this change isn’t being applied. In that case, other Windows settings are available to bring the complete picture close to 100%, such as altering icon sizes — a different affair than the text size.