What Is the $100 Experience Credit for Amex Platinum Cardholders?

Part of the reason why most of us travel — really — is because of the new experiences we will absorb. Not only does this anticipation evoke excitement, but it’s also how people evolve, broaden their minds, and get to that next level of how they live, as well as fine-tune their philosophies & principles to a better worry-free life.

They say that travel makes a person see more things, be more open, become wise, etc. If you genuinely think about it, at the heart of things, it’s because of the experiences one has had in their travels.

In that same spirit, adding newness to an individual’s travel exposures, American Express has a remarkable “$100 Experience Credit” for any booked hotels that fall within their Fine Hotels + Resorts® category.

A Brief Overview of Amex Fine Hotels + Resorts®

The Amex Fine Hotels + Resorts is a list of meticulously curated hotels that offer fantastic luxury standards. Put another way, you can think of these hotels as premium or high-end ones (think lavishness) with something very unique, special, or extraordinary to offer. It could be anything, such as incredibly prepared foods, views, other services such as spa, location, etc.

As of writing this post, between the Amex Fine Hotels + Resorts AND The Hotel Collection (another group of premier hotels), 1,800 handpicked hotels worldwide are classified as either of the two.

One of the ways to book such a hotel is at the American Express travel website. To specifically narrow down the list on your search, you can filter it to only display hotels from these two programs.

narrowing the list of hotels from only the two Amex Hotel Programs
Narrowing down the list of hotels to only display those that are either Fine Hotels + Resorts or The Hotel Collection.

Where the $100 Experience Credit Comes In

As alluded to before, this $100 experience credit is part of the benefits of being an Amex Platinum cardholder and can be used if your hotel belongs to the Fine Hotels + Resorts program. (Given you meet the minimum eligibility).

This credit is complimentary, redeemable for activities such as dining, spa, or extra services such as pool and more. Do note that this only applies at the hotel property & its own services. That is, say, for example, you decided to get a spa treatment. In that case, you’d have to make sure you’re using the hotel’s offering of spa, not some third party.

Similarly, if you plan on applying the credit for dining, make sure you’re eating at the Hotel’s restaurant or bar.

Other Things To Know

How Do I Make Sure I Can Use My $100 Experience Credit?

Before your stay, ensure how this can be achieved by talking to an Amex customer service and the hotel staff. Many Fine Hotels + Resorts properties have distinct offerings from each other. So make sure you confirm which activities qualify for this credit.

Are There Other Complimentary Benefits of Staying at a Fine Hotels + Resorts Program?

Yes. There are a couple of benefits of staying at any of their Fine Hotels + Resorts properties. Some examples are (depending on the hotel):
a. Late checkout.
b. Daily breakfast for two.
c. Early check-in.
d. $100 experience credit (which is what this post discusses).
e. Wi-Fi.

How Do I Book an FHR To Be Able To Use the $100 Experience Credit?

As briefly covered, one can book an FHR online at the Amex Travel site or by calling the customer service representative on the phone. Once the booking is confirmed, the $100 experience credit can be put to use during the stay.

Can I Still Use the $100 FHR Credit if I Reserve a Hotel With Amex Platinum Points?

Yes, you can. The credit is independent of how the reservation is made. Instead, it’s dependent on if it’s an FHR property.

How Many Fine Hotels and Resorts Properties Are out There?

As of writing this post, there are more than 1,100 FHR properties worldwide.

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Is the Amex FHR $100 Experience Credit Worth It?

Is the Amex FHR $100 Experience Credit Worth It?
The list of benefits of the Amex FHR program — including the experience credit.

It depends on what perspective you’re working with. There is no doubt that FHR properties are out of this world. However, to book one so you can use the $100 credit is the wrong angle to look at things in my opinion.

On the other hand, if you’re already going to be staying at an FHR property, the $100 certainly comes in handy. Generally, my favorite place to leverage this credit is at the bars or some light in-house eating before the main one.

The main incentive to think about here is that Amex Travel — combined with a platinum card- is renowned globally. It’s exclusive, and the customer service is top-notch. When it comes to Amex Travel services in conjunction with the platinum card, it’s truly about the entire encounter. From researching, booking, staying, after-stay services, amenities, flexibility, and more.

The $100 experience credit is merely a great bonus to have at one’s disposal. Although, it’s free money — which is where its value becomes enticing.

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By the way:

  • This post is written from a perspective of personal Amex Platinum cards only.
  • The $100 experience credit is up to that amount.