How To Get the Courtesy Avis Preferred Plus Status With Amex Platinum

Luxury travel and the American Express Platinum card are harmonious with each other. But, of course, what may constitute “luxury” when it comes to travel may differ from person to person. Still, one of the acceptable standards is being a premium member for hotels, car rentals, airlines, perhaps some exclusive lounges, and similar.

Concerning car rentals specifically, a select few are nationally recognized, renowned, and have some equivalent version of being an elevated member.

Avis, a known brand within the U.S. and internationally, has the highest premium membership level — without an invitation– called the “Avis Preferred Plus.” Generally, to achieve this status, one must rent at least 12 times in a calendar year or spend $5k.

how to be eligible for Avis Preferred Plus
Requirements for becoming an Avis Preferred Plus member. The image screenshot is from ValuePenguin.

By itself, only high-spenders and frequent travelers can achieve this preferred Plus stature, not to mention, maintain it. Luckily though, if you already hold an Amex Platinum card, you can quickly become an Avis Preferred Plus member FOR FREE forever, as long as you have the card in good standing. Read that again; at no cost, no thresholds, or minimums. You just are.

To become one, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Avis Preferred Plus Member With Amex Platinum

Step 1: Navigate to Card Benefits and Find “Car Rental Privileges”

Log into your Amex account, and go to benefits. You might need to go to the list of full benefits.

Then (as depicted below), find a benefits card with the title Car Rental Privileges.

Car Rental Privileges Benefit in Amex Platinum
Car Rental Privileges Benefit in Amex Platinum.

From step 1, once you find the Car Rental Privileges card, click on its “learn more link.” Consequently, you’ll be taken to a unique page about premium car rental benefits via Amex. Next, look for the Avis section to click on the Enroll with Avis hyperlink — as shown below.

Step 2 to becoming an Avis Preferred Plus member with Amex Platinum
Step 2 to becoming an Avis Preferred Plus member with Amex Platinum.

Step 3: Follow Instructions and Finish Enrolling

When you click on the Enroll With Avis link in step 2, as your last step, follow the instructions to finish enrolling as an Avis Preferred Plus member — for free. Note that you may need your discount code (available in the details in step 2) handy.

In any case, you know you’re at the right place because there would be a dedicated page showing a collaboration between Avis and American Express.

proof that you're at the right place to finish enrolling as an Avis Preferred Plus with Amex Platinum
Proof that you’re at the right place to finish enrolling as an Avis Preferred Plus with Amex Platinum.

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Avis Preferred Plus Benefits

One of the most coveted advantages of being an Avis Preferred Plus member is that you can get complimentary upgrades (when available) and achieve points at an accelerated rate. In addition, a few other salient features are that you can skip the lines and go straight to your car and not face any blackout dates to redeem earned points.

Separately, Amex highlights some distinctive benefits, such as booking a rental with Avis or even calling Amex customer service. For full details, I’d encourage checking out Avis’ website or talking to an Amex representative.