Guide to Correctly Earning 5x Points With Amex Platinum Flight Bookings

With the Amex Platinum Card, there are predominantly two ways to earn 5x points on airfare. They are:

  1. Booking a flight on Amex Travel.
  2. Booking a flight directly on an Airline’s website.

As mentioned, both methods will acquire 5 times the points on the Amex Platinum card. Now, what will end up being cost-effective is whole another question, and many blogs cover the pros and cons. The guidance below however, will cover buying airplane tickets with both of these approaches, followed by a few unique questions surrounding them and accumulating 5x points.

How To Earn 5x Points on Airfare With Amex Travel

Visit Amex Travel’s flight URL, and start your booking with the Platinum card. In fact, on your desktop, you will notice that Amex lists what Platinum benefits you have, with “5x Points on Travel” highlighted as the first one. Take a look at the image screenshot below for an accurate context.

Proof that you will earn 5x points on eligible travel booked with Platinum card on amex travel site
Proof that you will earn 5x points on eligible travel booked with the Platinum card on the AmEx travel site.

As for anything else, make sure you utilize your platinum card to book and that you’re logged in. The second part may not be necessary, but it could help remove a lot of the hassle if you contest something with customer service reps.

How To Collect 5x Points on Airfare Booked Directly Through an Airline

There is nothing fancy to do here except to make certain you’re strictly obtaining your flight tickets on the Airline’s website using your Platinum card.

That’s it; nothing more or less. It might be possible to achieve the same result by calling the customer service number of that Airline. Generally speaking though, almost anyone would prefer to do it online.

FAQs for Earning 5x Points on Airfare Booked via the Amex Platinum Card

Can I Get 5x Points on Other Flight Related Purchases Such As Lounge Access, Buying Things In-Flight, etc.?

Exceptions may apply, but from personal experience, purchasing a one-off Lounge pass and consuming inflight items such as snacks and alcohol inside a United Airlines flight did in fact, earn 5x points. This event is from November 2021. (See attached image for proof).

If you aren’t sure, call customer service to confirm.Proof that you may be able to earn 5x amex platinum points for inflight purchases

What’s the Maximum Dollar Cap After Which 5x Points Stop?

As of writing this post, per calendar year, between money spent on AmEx Travel, and those direct with Airline’s website, one can earn 5x points on up to $500,000. Remember that you can expend more dollars; you’d simply stop gathering 5x points after the $500K cap.

Do Charter Flight or Private Jet Flights Earn 5x Points?

No, they do not. It may change in the future, but currently, these flights do not qualify for earning 5x points via airfare.

Can I Collect 5x Points Bonus if I Book My Flights Through Other Travel Agencies?

Technically, this type of purchase is not eligible. That said, the way the whole process works is based on “merchant codes.” According to Amex, the organization groups specific codes into the Additional points umbrella, so if your code matches, you’re good. Otherwise, not.

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t hold my breath with other online sites and agencies, but you can give it a shot. And again, you can always call customer service first to clarify doubts.

How Long Does It Take To Reflect the 5x Points Inside the Amex Platinum Account?

If you call customer service, they may tell you that it could take somewhere in the range of a high number of weeks from the day of purchase. Yet, anecdotally speaking, and from numerous citations online, it takes much less than that.

Does It Matter Which Airline the Ticket Is Being Bought For?

No, it does not. You must ensure though, that you’re either booking through the Amex travel site for flights or directly on the applicable Airline’s site.

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Is It Guaranteed I Will Earn 5x Points on Airfare if Booked on AmEx Travel or Directly With an Airline — With the Amex Platinum Card?

Yes, unless the terms and conditions change. Procuring 5x points on airfare — when done correctly for eligible purchases is literally touted as one of the benefits of having Amex’s Platinum card.

If you ask them, they will never promise you anything on the phone. But, American Express has an excellent track record of doing what they say they will, and their customer service is superb for going the extra mile for their cardholders.

I’ve had instances where I have been able to earn refunds, extra membership reward points, or even both simply because I felt something was not reasonable.

Expert Sources: American Express (1 & 2).

By the way: This post is only penned down from the perspective of personal American Express Platinum cards. It does not take into account any corporate or business cards.