What Is the Amex Platinum Digital Entertainment Credit & How To Use It?

Outside of its acclaimed travel benefits, the American Express Platinum has an additional unique “$240 Digital Entertainment Credit” for its cardholders, which is essentially broken out to a maximum of $20 per month, thus giving you a total of $240 per year.

So, What Exactly Is the Amex Platinum $240 Digital Entertainment Credit?

As described in the introduction, the dollar value is clear — which is $240. As for what qualifies for the entertainment credit, it includes streaming services such as Hulu, Disney+, and more. Simply put, Amex will give you credit if you use the Amex Platinum card to pay for eligible subscriptions.

For the complete list of such qualified services, check out the “Other Things To Know…” section further down this post.

The Precise Breakdown of the $240 Entertainment Credit (How It Works)

The math behind the $240 is as follows:

  1. Amex will give up to $20 statement credits per month.
  2. So assuming you’re able to max it out every single month, you would eventually earn the full $240 per calendar year. ($20 X 12 = $240).

As for how it works, you must enroll in this benefit by logging into your Amex account or calling customer service, and then ensure you’re paying for eligible services/subscriptions with your Platinum card.

Do note that some organizations also have a yearly plan. Howbeit, if you pay for such a plan, you may not be eligible to get the credit back. You have to stick to the monthly payment method and purchase from the website that Amex tells you to register from. For instance, for Disney+, American Express says to visit the link here: to get started.

For a complete list of which websites American Express expects you to register from — dependent on the service, you can jump straight to that section.

Other Things To Know — With Respect to the Amex Platinum Entertainment Credit

Can I Use the Amex Platinum Entertainment Credit for Disney+ or the Disney+ Bundle?

Yes, you can. According to terms and conditions, all Disney+ purchases are eligible, if made through their website. And that additionally incorporates any premier as well as Bundle purchases.

What Other Streaming or Third-Party Services Qualify for the Amex Platinum Entertainment Credit?

The official word as of writing this post is that the following seven services below qualify for the entertainment credit:
1. Audible
2. Disney+
3. ESPN+
4. Hulu
5. Peacock
6. SiriusXM
7. The New York Times

How Long Does It Take To Get the Entertainment Credit Back to the Card?

American Express advises giving it 6-8 weeks after an eligible purchase is made with the Amex Platinum card; however, real-world experiences from people all around suggest that it doesn’t take that long. If for some reason, a statement credit is not posted after 8 weeks from when a purchase was made, please call customer service for further assistance.

Does the Entertainment Credit Require Enrollment?

Yes, it does. So make sure you enroll first (which is super easy and takes less than a minute) before charging any eligible services to your card. Otherwise, you may not get the credit back.

Any Other Critical Aspect I Should Be Aware Of — Regarding This Amex Platinum Benefit?

Yes. There is one specific aspect that needs to be called out here. And that is, always make sure you’re subscribing/buying/purchasing through the eligible service’s acceptable website and not the app. Amex clearly states that app charges are not eligible.

As always, be thorough in checking out the complete terms and conditions before you get yourself into anything.

What Happens if My Total Monthly Subscriptions Are Coming Out To Be More Than $20?

If you’re attached to the list of eligible plans, Amex will give you back up to $20. So say your total comes out to $30 per month. In that situation, the first $20 will be on Amex, and the next $10 will be out of your pocket.

Complete list of services that are eligible as part of the $240 Amex Platinum Entertainment Credit
The entire list of services that are suitable for the $240 Amex Platinum Entertainment Credit.

Below are the links — taken straight from Amex — that you can visit to enroll in the applicable streaming or regular service. The list only comprises names that are eligible for the annual $240 entertainment credit.

  1. Audible:
  2. Disney+:
  3. ESPN+:
  4. Hulu:
  5. Peacock:
  6. SiriusXM:
  7. The New York Times:

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Is the Amex Platinum $240 Annual Entertainment Credit Worth It?

Is the Amex Platinum $240 Annual Entertainment Credit Worth It
Is the Amex Platinum $240 Annual Entertainment Credit Worth It?

The answer to this question is it depends based on what kind of personal perspective you have. Generally, purchasing yearly plans allows for huge discounts compared to the monthly plan. So in that sense, you are not getting the best return.

On the other hand, Amex is footing the bill for you, so it probably doesn’t matter in the bigger scheme of things.

As for importance-wise, if you already subscribe to the services that participate in this benefit, it becomes more valuable. If you don’t, the bright side is that you get to try them out — for free.

Unfortunately, at this juncture, Netflix and Spotify haven’t made the cut. Hopefully, they will at some point in the future. The good news is that Amex continues adapting its offerings based on its customers’ wants.

Expert Source: The official American Express site.

Please note: For the purposes and intent of this post, entertainment credit = digital entertainment credit.