What Is Filmmaker Mode on Samsung TVs?

A fairly recent innovation, filmmaker mode on Samsung TVs or TVs, in general, delivers a video experience the way it was originally intended — when making that movie, TV show, or any video for that matter.

Introduced in 2019, Filmmaker mode, abbreviated as FMM, is an all-embracing standard spread out between multiple TV manufacturers, not just Samsung.

What Does Filmmaker Mode Do or Rather, How Does It Work?

Elaborating on showing the videos the way originally intended, this chiefly refers to how the directors, the crew, and everyone else who contributed to that video wanted you to experience it.

You see, what happens in most modern TVs is that they have their own sophisticated processing, features, picture modes, enhancements, etc., that often — while created to improve your video-watching endeavors — can end up deviating from a more authentic and raw experience that comes straight from the source.

I suppose it’s a personal choice of what someone likes; the idea of filmmaker mode is to play videos in an unedited format. Think more like a proper cinematic feel.

Fundamentally, FMM, if turned on, or set to automatically turn on (depending on the video), disables those fancy features so you can view the videos as they are when made.

Which Manufacturers Support Filmmaker Mode?

According to, there are a handful of manufacturers that allow FMM to be a part of their unique TV offerings; some of the prominent ones are listed below:

  • Hisense Panasonic
  • Philips
  • Samsung
  • Vizio

In fact, many renowned directors support FMM too, and understandably so, because it gives them an opportunity for their audience to enjoy their work from their eyes. In addition, it can genuinely display what the director was thinking or how hard they worked on a particular scene.

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Should I Use Filmmaker Mode on My Samsung TV?

Should I Use Filmmaker Mode on My Samsung TV
Should I Use Filmmaker Mode on My Samsung TV?

Again, what someone likes boils down to personal preference; you should at least try it.

I watched the latest Jack Ryan season 3 as of this post in filmmaker mode on “SAMSUNG 75″ Class TU700D-Series Crystal Ultra HD 4K Smart TV,” it honestly blew my mind how different it felt from the other times.

These days, having an FMM is considered an acceptable norm and, in some cases, what makes the TV stand apart.

And, of course, FMM will be more widely adopted in the entertainment industry as time goes by.