How To Change Edge’s Default Search Engine Used in the Address Bar

Gone are the days when you had to first go to a search engine’s website and then input your query to see the results. That’s obviously still possible; however, in most widely adopted browsers such as Microsoft’s Edge, the address bar acts as a website locator (if a valid URL is inserted). Otherwise, it behaves like a search engine by landing users directly on a search engine results page — for the typed-in query.

The decision to take users to a Bing or a Google search results page is defined in Edge’s browser settings. Although, as it can be easily surmised, in the interest of Microsoft wanting to keep users on its products and services, the in-built search engine for searches conducted via the Edge address bar is Bing.

If that interconnected behavior doesn’t jibe well with you, the search engine for Edge’s address bar can be changed with a matter of a few clicks. To learn how to do so, follow along.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Changing Edge’s Address Bar Search Engine (Comprises of Four Total Steps)

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge and Go to Settings

When you have the Edge browser open in front of you, click on the 3-dotted main menu to invoke all options. From the available choices, select “Settings.”

step 1 of wanting to change edge's address bar search engine
As shown here, for step 1, go to settings.

Step 2: From the Left Panel in Edge’s Settings, Select “Privacy, Search, and Services”

Next, when you’re inside the primary settings for the Microsoft Edge browser, divert your attention to the options on the left panel. Afterward, click on “Privacy, search, and services.” It’ll likely be the second line item from the top. (See image screenshot below).

step 2 of changing edge's default address bar search engine
Select “privacy, search, and services” as depicted in this image.

Call it clever and intentional, or call it a matter of circumstance, the idea of wanting to go with an alternative search engine for Edge’s address bar is tucked away at the very bottom of the Privacy, search, and services menu. On the other hand, it makes it easy to scroll all the way down for people who know where it’s at.

In any case, under the sub-section/heading of “Services,” the last item is called Address bar and search. Click on it, as your step 3. (Image below for visual reference).

step 3 for changing edge's default address bar search engine
As indicated, click on the address bar and search to continue towards changing Edge’s default address bar search engine.

Step 4: Within the “Address Bar and Search” Window, You Can Finally Change the Default Address Bar Search Engine for Edge

As your last step, look for “search engine used in the address bar.”. After that, swap out the default search engine from its associated drop-down. Currently, you can pick from:

  1. Bing (Recommended, default)
  2. Yahoo!
  3. Google
  4. DuckDuckGo
last and final step for changing edge's default address bar search engine
Last step for changing Edge’s default address bar search engine. You can swap it out with either of the three search engines: Yahoo!, Google, and DuckDuckGo.

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Have You Wanted To Change Edge’s Default Address Bar Search Engine?

It is said that Edge is a better browser for Windows devices and that using Bing along with it provides a completely immersive experience for all Windows 11 or 10, for that matter, has to offer.

Plus, Bing has steadily and strongly improved and evolved its search engine to serve its users in the best manner possible over the years.

If surprise, new, and innovative yet relevant is what you want to go for, keep Bing as the default Edge’s address bar search engine. Or else, as discussed in this post, you can easily change that with a few mouse clicks.