How Do I Use Google One VPN on Pixel Phones?

The Google Pixel series phones are adequate for achieving a balance of reliability, price, and features.

And while many are primarily concerned with the core configurations such as RAM, storage, and camera (and undoubtedly essential factors), pixel phones have generally stood out from the pack in terms of utilizing AI capabilities and offering other thoughtful functionalities, such as Live Translate.

To add to its competency, the latest Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro phones can now use the built-in Google One VPN. And as of writing this post, for free.

Why Did Google Start To Offer Google One VPN on Pixel Phones?

Outside of stating the obvious that Google wants more users to buy their pixel phones, what makes this unique is just that — an incomparable attribute from the major brands, including iPhones.

Many phones have some mechanism to connect to a VPN — and frequently via a 3rd party app. What they lack is their own built-in version, unlike the Google Pixel phones.

Google touts its VPN benefits (which generally any VPN should provide) along the lines of:

  1. Minimizing online tracking
  2. Staying secured against hackers or other unsecured internet connections, such as a public Wi-Fi
  3. More privacy
Google One VPN Benefits
Google One VPN Benefits.

How To Enable Google One VPN on Pixel 7 Phones

Please note: The details jotted down below are from personal experience with Pixel 7 pro (not pixel 7). Although, the steps will likely be the same for pixel 7, if not similar.

Also note: Google one VPN is always available to premium subscribers anyway, and so on that note, it has also rolled out on iOS devices.

On your Pixel 7 pro, open the Google one app, and divert your attention to “benefits.” (See attached screenshot below for reference).

Google One VPN Benefits Section
Google One VPN Benefits Section.

Next, tap on View Details for the VPN protection card to open up the VPN-specific details.

Finally, toggle the switch to on to immediately start using the VPN. Then, if preferred, play around with its settings.

Pro Tip

Once you begin to use the Google One VPN, you can add it to the quick settings (the one you use to swiftly turn Bluetooth on or off or put your phone on airplane mode). This way, you don’t always have to open the Google One app to disconnect or reconnect to the VPN.

Google One VPN in Quick Settings
Google One VPN in Quick Settings.

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Will the Google One VPN Be Always Free for Pixel 7 Phones?

It’s hard to say what an organization will or will not do in the future. Again, as of writing this post, it is 100% free, and the user needn’t subscribe any of the Google One’s plans to use Google One VPN.

I feel it will remain accessible on these phones at no cost, as it is literally an enticement to buying them. However, it’s nothing but speculation at this point.