How to Add Users and Owners in Google Search Console

How to Add Users in Google Search Console

Adding an additional user in Google Search Console isn’t actually that hard. As of today, adding someone else lies under your property’s “Settings > Users and permissions.”

adding another user in google search console property
The option to add another user to a Google Search Console Property is via Settings > Users and permissions.

Once you’re inside the users and permissions section, you can add a user, with either of the two following permission levels:

  1. Full: Can mostly take some of the major actions, and has full access to view all of the data.
  2. Restricted: Has more limited options when it comes to viewing and taking action for the data within the search console.

In fact, Google has a helpful distinction between the two permission levels here, from where, I am also displaying the differences below, for convenience.

differences between an owner, full user, and restricted user in google search console
Image Source: Also, note Google’s message that Restricted users only receive notifications pertaining to them.

Having talked about users, you might feel that you may want to give whoever you’re granting access to, more control of your search console property, in which case, you might want to consider adding an owner.

How to Add Owners in Google Search Console

Adding owners is not as straightforward as it is for adding users. To have someone else be an owner, you’d still need to go to users and permissions page inside Google Search Console, and then, click on the 3 dotted lines to select “manage property owners.”

how to add an owner in google search console - Step 1 - manage property owners
As seen, the way to get the choice for “manage property owners” is via the users and permissions page.

As soon as you click on the link, you’ll be navigated to Webmaster Central. Here, on a high level, you’d be able to look at the verification method, the history of verification of the said property, and the existing verified owners.

overview of a property inside google webmaster central
Overview of the main ‘Webmaster Central’ page.

Within the Webmaster Central, you can add an owner to your search property by clicking on the button with the same name. Once you take that action, you’d be prompted to add an email address of the person whom you’d like to make an owner.

Note that by default, the new owner will be a delegated owner — which can be converted into a verified one using any of the Google Search Console’s verification methods.

how to convert a delegated google search console owner into a verified one
A Delegated Owner can be transformed into a verified one by using any of the five verification methods. Although, the recommended one is the HTML file.

Differences Between Delegated and Verified Google Search Console Owners

Permission TypeDelegated OwnerVerified Owner
Adding other owners & usersCan only add other delegated owners, and users. However, they first need to be assigned ownership by a verified owner.Can add delegated owners and users as well.
Losing access to the propertyIf all Verified owners lose access to the GSC property, then, all other delegated owners and users will as well.Same; if every single verified owner loses access, so will all users and delegated owners.
Not Exactly Related to GSC itself; But suggesting changes to Knowledge Panel within Google SearchAs far as I know, delegated owners cannot make suggestions to Google Knowledge Panel in Google SearchVerified owners can.
Delegated Owners vs. Verified Owners (Google Search Console).

A Few FAQs

How Do I Remove an Owner From Google Search Console?

To remove an owner, visit the Webmaster Central page for the property in question, scroll down to the list of owners, and under the action column, select unverify. how to remove or unverify owners from google search console property

How Do I Remove a Property From Google Search Console?

Head over to the main settings page within Google Search Console, and then under the “About” section, you will see an option to remove property. how to remove a property from google search console

How Much Does Google Search Console Cost?

Google Search Console is free; at no cost whatsoever. To view the data however, you’d have to add and gain access to your web property. By web property, I mean your website. Note that a site with www and non-www are considered separate properties.

Is Google Search Console Part of Google Analytics?

No. While both are from Google, they’re two unique tools that serve two unique purposes. Having said that, some data between them can be integrated from the property settings in Google Analytics.

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Adding users and owners in Google Search Console is not rocket science. You just need to head over to the appropriate location, and assign privileges. The only important item to keep in mind, is the type of access and permissions a user and an owner can get.

To refresh your memory on the limitations, you can navigate to the section where I have the image or go directly to the source.