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A Surefire Way To Know Which Nest Thermostat You Have

An intelligent home feels complete with a smart thermostat. To that end, Nest thermostats are all the rage from the famous few available on the market.

Interestingly, many folks need help knowing which Nest thermostat model they have. Part of the reason is that they’ve purchased a house with a preinstalled NEST thermostat (a used home or a new one). Another is the good old honest habit of not remembering something and needing to reference it again.

In any case, once your Nest thermostat is connected in the NEST App and the Google Home app, there’s a process to know the exact model name of your thermostat, along with other details such as serial number, device ID, and more.

Outside of this approach that even Google specifies on their site, you can try a few others from the same link. For the most part, a majority of these solutions are more of a deducement than a straight-up telling that, hey, this is the exact one you have.

Step-by-Step Guide to Knowing the Exact Nest Thermostat Model With the Google Home App

Step 1: Select Your Thermostat and Then Go to Its Settings (the Gear Icon)

step 1 of knowing which nest thermostat model I have
As shown, go to your Nest Thermostat’s settings from the Google Home App.

Step 2: Under the General Section, Tap “Device Information”

step 2 of finding out the nest thermostat model number.jpg
For step 2, navigate to the “Device information” from the general settings.

Step 3: Your Nest Thermostat Model Number Will Be Listed Under the “Technical Information” Heading

As soon as you land on the Device Information page, the precise model number will be listed as the first item under the Technical Information heading. Please check out the image below for reference.

last step to knowing the exact nest thermostat model number
At the “Model” line, you’ll discover your exact Nest Thermostat Model / Name.

Finding Out Which Nest Thermostat You Have With the Nest App

The methodology for finding the Nest Thermostat with the Nest App is similar to the Google Home app.

To do so, Open your Nest App > Select your Thermostat > and then go to settings (gear icon). Next, review the Technical info.

Note that, unlike the Google Home app, you’ll only get part of the info displayed and not the complete full name. Depending on your model, the partially displayed information might be enough for you to know. If not, Google has instructions on how to decipher the language. For convenience, it’s listed out below too:

  1. If the number contains 1.xx, it is a first-generation Nest thermostat.
  2. Number containing 2.xx means it’s a second-generation Nest thermostat.
  3. 3.xx equates to a third-generation Nest thermostat
  4. 4.xx means it’s a Nest Thermostat E
quick cheat sheet to decipher what nest thermostat one has
Cheat sheet for deciphering what Nest thermostat one has — via the Nest App.