What Are Amex Offers & Benefits?

American Express claims that in 2020, eligible card members who participated in their “Amex offers” received more than $180 million back in statement credits — after making qualifying purchases.

But what exactly are Amex offers and benefits, and how to use them?

What Are Amex Offers and Benefits?

what amex offers are
This image shows total savings to date because of using Amex offers.

The entire idea behind this program is that if you’re already spending money on certain brands, merchants, and products, then you might as well save some money on it. Further, it might even motivate you to spend money on something you may not otherwise but have wanted to.

How Do You Save Money With Amex Offers?

It’s pretty simple, actually. Either via the Amex app or on their website, you find an offer you like and add it to your card. Afterward, spend money on a brand/merchant to which the offer applies, and you’ll earn a statement credit for it — matching the conditions of the said offer. Do note that the offer isn’t always a statement credit. It can be other incentives too, such as acquiring more membership points.

To see which offers you have when logging in online, scroll just a bit down from the dashboard/Home tab, and you will see a heading of “Amex Offers & Benefits.” (See image screenshot below for context).

how to find amex offers and benefits
The location of “Amex offers & benefits” inside an American Express account.

Adding Amex Offers to Your Card

The offers section is divided into three tabs:

  1. Available tab: These are the list of offers that are available to you but not added to your card yet.
  2. Added to Card tab: These are the ones you’ve already added to your eligible American Express card. In other words, when you use your card on such an offer, you will get back whatever you are promised, granted you claim this offer within the expiry window. Many offers come with an end date. Although, more than enough time is provided to redeem them. So it’s not like you’re rushed into it.
  3. Savings: This tab describes how much money you’ve saved to date because you took advantage of offers.

In any case, to add an offer to your card, find something you like from the “available” tab. Then, in the case of doing so from the website, hit the dropdown arrow to pull more details, as well as terms and conditions for the offer. Otherwise, you can straight up click on the “Activate Offer” button as described in the image below. Once you do so, this offer will transfer over to the “Added to Card” tab.

how to activate an amex offer
The “Activate Offer’ button inside an American Express account.

Eventually, as explained above, use your card on the offer. In return, you will secure either a statement credit, extra membership points, or whatever was promised in the applicable offer.

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Are Amex Offers Worth It, and What Are Some Examples?

Amex offers are certainly worth it if you would be spending that money anyway. It’s hard to resist a good deal, but if you stretch yourself financially just to use a specific offer, then it’s not. At the end of the day, the decision to leverage something is up to an individual.

However, given the vast diversity, quantity, and variety of offers Amex has, there is probably something you would find that would fit well with your existing spending habits.

Examples of Amex Offers and Benefits

As pointed out, American Express has tons of options. To give you a taste, here are some examples:

  • Spend $75 or more, get $15 back on Tommy Hilfiger
  • Spend $1,000 or more, get $200 back on Homes & Villas by Marriott International®
  • Spend $50 or more, get $25 back on Blue Apron

Ultimately, what offers you see will be dependent on what card you have. However, based on experience, many offers overlap between different personal Amex Credit Cards.

Note: This post was only written from a perspective of personal American Express Credit Cards.