How To Get Approved for Amex Platinum Card®

Tantamount to an elevated societal status, securing an Amex Platinum Credit Card is perhaps the most coveted. And while it may feel this card is out of reach, it isn’t as hard as you may imagine — given a certain credit score, decent income level, and if you’re willing to spare $695 on an annual fee (as of this moment).

Typically, American Express will encourage getting this credit card by incentivizing it with promotions, such as earning a bonus of 100k membership reward points if $6,000 or more are spent within the first six months of opening the new Amex Platinum account.

Side note: I can confirm that earning 125K membership reward is also possible by charging the same $6,000 within the first six months. That’s 25k more points, if you’re able to negotiate.

In any case, many ask about how to get approved for an Amex Platinum.

One of the Ways of Getting Approved for an Amex Platinum

If you have been using one of the other American Express credit cards for some time, and you have been paying it off regularly, and on time, sometimes, Amex themselves will send you an invitation to apply for their Platinum Card — given you fit their criteria of things.

Traditionally, the chances of getting rejected through this method are lower, as common sense would dictate that the organization has done its research. In other words, if Amex didn’t think you are worthy enough — so to speak, they wouldn’t even invite you to apply for one in the first place. Furthermore, in many instances, potential applicants are pre-approved, which usually means that all you have to do is fill out the application to make it official.

How To Apply for an Amex Platinum Card if You Haven’t Been Sent an Invite

Just because American Express didn’t send you an invite, it should not mean you cannot get their Platinum Card. I remember a time from many years ago when acquiring the Amex Platinum was more exclusive; however, that has changed, although it’s still not as common as other regular cards.

As a high-level (not limited to), a very simple approach to thinking what would affect the decision on whether you would get the Amex Platinum Card is the combination of the following three factors:

  1. Credit Score: which encompasses credit history, types of payments you’ve made, etc.
  2. Income levels / Current household and or personal income — depending on what and how you are trying to buy or get a specific item.
  3. If you are an existing American Express Customer and for how long. My opinion is that it plays less of a role than the two above, but if you do fall into this category also, it’s always helpful.

How Much Credit Score Do I Need To Get the Amex Platinum?

More the merrier, of course, but according to NerdWallet, having a score of 690 or higher is recommended.

suggested credit score to get an amex platinum card
The suggested credit score to get an Amex Platinum Card. Screenshot captured from the NerdWallet Website.

If your score doesn’t belong within this range, do not take it as a sign that you are discouraged from applying. You can easily apply online or by talking to a customer service rep on the phone. Perhaps you are such a high earner that your lower score may not even be a factor for American Express.

My advice would be to talk to a human as online applications often fail to provide the reason and context of your circumstances or remove any room for negotiation.

Income Levels Needed To Get the Amex Platinum Card

Officially, American Express hasn’t posted anywhere about their expected income levels for applicants to apply for the Amex Platinum; however, as the old saying goes, the more, the better.

Also, keep in mind that income is not equal to net assets or wealth. So as an example, you might only be earning 50K a year, but you may already have 3-4 properties that you own or rent or have a lot of money in the bank account.

Again, as mentioned before, talk to a customer service rep. This way, not only can you push to get the Platinum Card, but it produces a platform for you to explain yourself.

Uncommonly, you can even ask to speak to someone higher up who may be able to override a few things from their end and get you approved.

Other Amex Platinum Approval and Miscellaneous FAQs

Is There an Age Requirement To Be Eligible for the Amex Platinum?

Yes. An individual must be of 18 years or older, according to WalletHub.

What Is the Fee for Adding Additional Members to My Amex Platinum?

American Express will let you add three additional members with the Platinum Card, for a fee of $175, with you being the main/primary account holder.

Keep in mind that the fee is still the same $175, even if you try to add fewer than three. The rate goes up starting with the 4th person. From that point on, it is $175 per person.

For the Additional Members, Are There Any Other Types of Cards That Can Be Added, or Does It Have To Be Platinum?

It does not have to be a Platinum Card. You can add at least one person with a Gold Card — under your Platinum account for free. Amex Gold Cards are slightly different in purpose and how the points system work. These cards come with an annual fee of $250 — but are considered premium cards also, in their own regard. In any case, the Gold Card fee can be waived if it’s being approved for an authorized user who folds into an existing Platinum Card holder.

What Is the Yearly Fee for Having and Maintaining the American Express Platinum Card

The yearly fee is $695. It has gone up over the years, and rightly so, as the organization keeps fine-tuning the benefits to serve the users best and keep up with the rising costs, inflation, and by and large, principally for luxury.

How Much Can You Charge/Spend on the Amex Platinum Card?

This card is a charge card. Meaning, it does not come with a pre-defined spending limit, giving you the flexibility to spend as much as you can — with caution. It should not be construed as something where Amex will let you charge unlimited and ridiculous amounts of money on your Platinum Card. They will still keep an eye on things, but yes, you aren’t restricted by a limit. Additionally, you are required to pay off the balance in full every month.

If it worries you whether a large purchase will trigger something negative, you can always check the spending power first.

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In Closing

In my interactions with people, I’ve noticed that the difficulty isn’t in obtaining the Amex Platinum Card if you have the suggested credit scores with the likable combination of income — although many opine that getting any Amex Card is more stringent than other organizations — especially the Platinum. Instead, it is in keeping the card around and justifying the high annual spend.

Nevertheless, if you are a high earner and or a high spender and or travel a lot, the Platinum Card is worth every cent you expend on its annual fee. The benefits far outweigh the cost.