What Is a Hazy IPA Beer?

For those who aren’t that crazy about IPAs in general or its bitterness, a Hazy IPA beer might be an excellent alternative to the world of India Pale Ales.

These types of beers tend to provide a sublime balance between not going too far off the edge of IPAs, and at the same time, emanate a fruity flavor profile — potentially serving the needs of those who are undecided on IPAs. In fact, you may often hear people describing Hazy IPAs as juicy.

How Does a Hazy IPA Beer Taste and Look Like

Making any beer can be highly technical, complex, and honestly, is an art that’s best left with skillful brewmasters. So with that in mind, let’s jump straight to how the end product — that is, the Hazy IPA beer — generally tastes and looks like.

  1. Flavor Profile of Hazy IPA beers: As alluded before, these beers can be quite fruity. Many breweries have their own variations on which fruit notes they want to focus. Also, compared to regular IPAs, Hazy IPAs are typically less bitter when done right.
  2. Appearance: If the name wasn’t a hint enough, Hazy IPAs manifest as cloudy-looking beers.

A Few Other Hazy IPA Beer FAQs

When Did Hazy IPA Beers Start?

According to Side Hustle Brews, the very first Hazy IPA came into the limelight back in 2003.

What Other Names Does a Hazy IPA Beer Goes By?

There are many synonyms for a Hazy IPA beer. They are also recognized as New England IPA (which I think is the most common second name), Juicy IPA, East Coast IP, and sometimes unfiltered IPAs due to a not-so-transparent beer look.

How Strong Are, or Rather, What Is the ABV of Hazy IPA Beers?

The range can vastly vary between different brewers and even the same ones. For example, taking Sierra Nevada as a reference, their Fantastic Haze Imperial IPA boasts a 9% ABV, whereas the Summer Break Session Haze IPA records a 4.6% ABV.

Which Hazy IPA Beers Should I Try?

There are a myriad of choices when it comes to trying out Hazy IPAs. Luckily, many renowned websites have combed through a variety of them, and have laid out their findings.

In that same spirit, feel free to explore the three resources highlighted below, to fulfill your pursuit for that perfect Hazy IPA.

  1. This blog post shines the spotlight on 11 Hazy IPAs that are worth your attention. Further, it goes into specifically calling out each beer’s region, ABV, and tasting notes.
  2. VinePair: In this roundup post, VinePair covers 8 unique Hazy IPA beers that are relatively easier to purchase. In other words, they aren’t as scarce.
  3. Drizly: This link discusses 11 Drizly recommendations on Hazy IPAs.

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Anyone looking to get their feet wet with IPAs, but aren’t ready for the level of bitterness they can be known for, getting started with a Hazy IPA beer isn’t a far-fetched idea.

These beers achieve a tremendous mixture of taste, mystery, and obscurity due to their cloudiness and just about enough texture to entice any enthusiast or a curious individual towards themselves.

Seriously, don’t wait to try one out!

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