What Is a Hard Seltzer?

Akin to a light beer, and also going by the name of “spiked seltzer,” a hard seltzer is an alcoholic drink at the end of the day. Primarily, it is composed of seltzer (carbonated water), and quite simply, alcohol. The type of alcohol can vary, but in its most basic form, that’s what it is.

Are Hard Seltzers Healthy?

The quintessential point to think about here is, healthy in comparison to what? Hard Seltzers can be a healthier choice if you stack them up against regular beers because it would have lower amounts of calories and carbohydrates. However, they are almost similar to light beers with ABV between 4% – 7%-ish — as said.

Also, realize that they may contain empty calories, which means little to nothing in nutritional value. Although, an argument can be made to say that one doesn’t really drink a hard seltzer for nutrients.

The only caveat in this? Be conscious of how much you’re drinking. Because it’s lighter in comparison, flavorful in many instances, and less of a guilty-pleasure say when compared to a martini, it’s easy to consume a lot of it. And like many things in life, getting excessive can be dangerous.

What Does Hard Seltzer Taste Like?

What Does Hard Seltzer Taste Like
Photo Credit: Matthew Sichkaruk

Many brands produce Hard Seltzers, and the taste and the feel depend on how they make their drink. Taste of Home, a “food and media brand,” conducted and scored the best Hard Seltzers (according to them), after tasting 10 brands. Since I am no expert on this, I’d advise you to heed what they have to say.

Who Drinks Hard Seltzers?

Associated to an upgraded drinking lifestyle, Hard Seltzers seem to be liked by both men and women. White Claw, in particular, draws a 50-50 crowd in terms of gender. In fact, multiple outlets report that the Hard Seltzer market is on pace to overtake the beer one.

A report highlighted by Eat This, Not That! in December 2019, outlines that about 55% of adult Americans who drink alcohol, also partake in a hard seltzer once a week at the minimum. Further, as per Ypulse, a hard seltzer is in the top 10 choices of an alcoholic drink for the age group of 21-37 years old.

All of this goes on to show that this isn’t just a fad, but rather, becoming an everyday element of our daily lives.

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In Closing

Varying in different ABV percentages and comparable to a light beer, Hard Seltzers are chiefly a combination of carbonated water and alcohol — and seems to be a strong force in Americans — as far as something to look forward to goes.

They’re flavorful, effervescent, and gives a vibrant feeling. It’s almost as if we’re saying we deserve a Hard Seltzer after a hard day of work, or we need to throw a party, just because we can drink a hard seltzer.

Whatever the reasons are, they’re not going anywhere, not anytime soon.