About Feed The Curiosity

Feed The Curiosity took birth as an online digital publication to gratify a very intrinsic human characteristic — curiosity. With time, one always has new questions around their day-to-day or something else entirely, or in many cases, often wonders about past experiences. Hand in hand, albeit not always simultaneously, there is a constant hunt for resources to hone skills, either for a tool, software, or the technical nuances around them, to bolster professional endeavors. 

Feeding into the desire to “satisfy the curiosity” around these inquiries, and personal ambitions, all of the produced content is driven by thorough research, subject matter expertise of the Chief Author Shaleen Shah, along with his professional, and first-hand know-how of the addressed topics. Additionally, most of the images are originals to portray an authentic sense of what they depict.

The approach to creating the final content is always targeted at two aspects: Will it genuinely & quickly help the site readers? If the answer is no, the post would be polished, edited, revised, and updated until the no feels like a definite yes.

Lastly, Feed The Curiosity takes immense pride in its unceasing attempt at avoiding unnecessary fluff or beating around the bush to discuss the primary topic and instead jumps straight into the matter at hand.

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