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A Surefire Way To Know Which Nest Thermostat You Have

An intelligent home feels complete with a smart thermostat. To that end, Nest thermostats are all the rage from the famous few available on the market. Interestingly, many folks need help knowing which Nest thermostat model they have. Part of the reason is that they’ve purchased a house with a preinstalled NEST thermostat (a used […]


How To Freeze an Amex Card, and What Happens After?

Freezing a credit card has several valuable benefits, such as preventing new unauthorized charges or potentially disallowing additional transactions in case you left it somewhere (say, a restaurant) temporarily — only to go back and retrieve it. Like most renowned organizations, American Express has made the feature of freezing a credit card available for its […]


How To Get the Courtesy Avis Preferred Plus Status With Amex Platinum

Luxury travel and the American Express Platinum card are harmonious with each other. But, of course, what may constitute “luxury” when it comes to travel may differ from person to person. Still, one of the acceptable standards is being a premium member for hotels, car rentals, airlines, perhaps some exclusive lounges, and similar. Concerning car […]

Windows OS

What Is the “Archive Apps” Functionality in Windows 11?

Innovative design and intelligent functionality are some of the first words that come to mind when thinking about Windows 11. From tons of unique features available in the OS, one of them is what’s called the “Archive Apps.” The logic behind this clever tool is that it automatically detects rarely used apps. The exact timeline is unknown, […]


What Exactly Is IBU in Beers?

In relation to beers, IBU is an abbreviation for “International Bitterness Unit(s).” One can use IBU as an off-hand indicator of the beer’s bitterness. The bitterness is measured as low to high. In other words, generally, the higher the IBU number, the more bitter the beer. Scientifically and technically speaking, IBU quantifies the amount of […]