What Is TRIP CANCEL GUARD™ From American Express (Amex) Travel?

TRIP CANCEL GUARD™ is an exciting benefit exclusive to American Express Cardholders that offers up to 75% reimbursement for non-refundable flights booked through their Amex Travel site. The most significant advantage of this feature is that travelers can book their trips much far in advance, according to when flight tickets are more amenable to their […]

Windows OS

What Are Offline Maps in Windows 11, and How To Use Them?

Offline maps in Windows 11 are a modern practical feature that can come in handy for finding directions or preplanning routes in the absence of an internet connection — for example, say when traveling to a remote location or on an airplane without Wi-Fi. Precisely, its essence lies in helping out — and now even […]

Internet and Networking

What Is Browser Integrity Check (BIC) From Cloudflare?

Part of the “Security” umbrella and available to free Cloudflare users also, the Browser Integrity Check (BIC) functionality is another tool in the kit to protect your site from spammers, malicious bots, or crawlers. If one is detected, access to your site is denied, or a challenge is presented before proceeding further. You can think […]

Web Development

How To Know if a Site Is Actually Serving WebP Format Images

A WebP image is a new modern next-gen format that provides exceeding image compressions. The most significant advantage of utilizing WebP images is better site speed, as these images will load & render a lot faster. For comparison, lossless WebP images can be 26% smaller in size than the same image in PNG format, whereas, […]


A Straightforward Guide to Adding Jump Links in WordPress (No Plugin)

Many publishers have seen jump links or anchor links in action that take them to a specific heading, section, or a spot on the same page after a click — and have wondered how to emulate the same for their WordPress site. The good news is that inserting jump links inside a WP blog post […]