Web Development

About Automatic Signed Exchanges (SXGs) and LCP Load Times

Cloudflare is taking performance & website load times very seriously when it comes to assisting users who leverage their services. Quite recently, it launched a beta on early hints 103 HTTP code. Almost hand in hand, it seems, they also unveiled the “Automatic Signed Exchanges” beta in partnership with Google — with the primary purpose […]


How To Update a WordPress Theme

Updating a WordPress theme comes with benefits such as being less vulnerable to security attacks, getting up to speed with the latest coding best practices, performance optimizations, possibly some enhanced functionality, and more. Being less at risk to security breaches & hacks is perhaps the primary motivation behind theme developers coming out with new versions, […]

Windows OS

What Are Background Apps in Windows 10 and Should You Turn Them Off?

In Windows 10, apps can remain active in the background, even if you’re not using them. The reason such functionality exists is because while you may not care about notifications or live updated data in the moment (because you’re not presently using that specific app), you may still want to get the most recently available […]