What Is a Belgian Style Ale Beer?

Lots of experts agree that it’s hard to define & properly categorize Belgian Beers. On a high level, though, as the name suggests, Belgian Beers are Ales focusing on malts, fruitiness, and spices (for the most part, but can vary a lot). These beers can easily even cross the line of being complex. As chronicled, […]

Web Development

What Is an Early Hints 103 Status HTTP Code, and How It Helps Load Times

The hunger for serving site users with faster and quicker load times is still on, and while we have made significant positive leaps towards that goal, there is so much room for improvement left, that we constantly push newer Internet standards & best practices, as well as develop more efficient methods of communicating page resources […]

Windows OS

How To Factory Reset Windows 10

Like in life, your Windows Device may also need a reset for a fresh start. In fact, in some scenarios, switching your device back to the factory defaults may even improve battery life, speed, security, and browsing experience — According to Microsoft’s own support resource. So how can you implement a factory reset in Windows […]


A Visual Guide to WordPress Menus

If your inclination is to reduce the usage of plugins on your WordPress site, you’d be happy to know that most themes, on their basic level, intrinsically offer a variety of menu options for a fantastic visual appeal. For reference, this site is built on the WP Twenty Twenty theme using WP version 5.8.1, and […]